Bicycle Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance


BRONZE SERVICE  (FROM £35)                            

✓ Light clean of wheels & frame  ✓ Cleaned & lubed drivetrain  ✓ Check & adjustment for front and rear derailleur  ✓  Brake check  ✓ Brake check alignment  ✓ Wheel true check or adjust  ✓ Check play in BB adjust or replacement  ✓ Tighten crank bolts  ✓ Tighten all screws / nuts  ✓ Tyres pumped to correct pressure  ✓ Check for play in headset & handlebars    ✓ Full safety check  ✓ Gears and brakes adjust  ✓ Tyre check for wear & inflation  ✓ Chain inspection & lubrication  ✓ All bolts will be checked

SILVER SERVICE  (FROM £60)           

All Bronze service checks included plus:

✓ Hub & rims check ✓ Drive train (chain, cassette and chainset) check ✓ Wheels trued Brakes checked / adjustment or replacement ✓ Bottom bracket examination

GOLD SERVICE  (FROM £110)       

✓ Full strip and rebuild (if required)  ✓ Frame & Forks (Frame checked for alignment and damage, threads cleaned and checked  |  Frame facing (if applicable) ✓ Wheels (Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear  |  Bearings removed, cleaned, greased, refitted, bearings replaced if necessary  |  Wheels trued)  ✓ Headset (Removed, cleaned, greased, refitted & checked for movement)  ✓ Bottom Bracket (Removed, cleaned, bearing condition examined, greased and refitted to correct torque |  Drive Train (chain, cassette and chainset  |  Removed, cleaned, checked for wear and re-lubricated ✓ Brakes (Removed, cleaned and serviced)  ✓ All Other Components (Removed, checked for wear, cleaned, greased (if applicable) and refitted). 

What if your bike needs a replacement part?

If you require any extra parts, we will simply give you a call and advise you on how much these extra parts would cost and whether you wish to go ahead.