Thursday, 7 November 2019

Winter Bicycle Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance

Make sure you are fully prepared for the drop in temperature and change of riding conditions this winter. If you've never ridden in the colder months, and prefer the short-sleeve warmth of summer it may be difficult to determine what you need to do to make sure you and you're equipment is braced for the fresher air. 

Bronze, Silver or Gold Service

Just like a car it's important to keep your bicycle or e-bike in tip top condition with a regular MOT and service check. In winter it's essential to pay attention to moving parts that are more exposed than other areas of your bicycle as these take much more impact and grime from the elements.

At the Bicycle Hub we offer a bronze, silver or gold servicing package dependent on your riding needs, where one of our bicycle maintenance experts will inspect your bicycle or e-bike for any issues as well as ensuring a full service is carried out carefully and professionally. If your bicycle requires any extra parts, we will also make sure to order these in and fit to your bicycle without a fuss. 

By safeguarding your bicycle and keeping up with regular maintenance, you can reduce the amount of things going wrong when you're out and about riding. After all the last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the road!

Add Accessories

Mudguards - During the winter, things outside can get a little looser due to the extra moisture in the air, increasing the risk of grunge, spray and mud as you're cycling along. Mudguards are an essential addition to your bicycle to prevent mud getting sprayed back into your face or an potentially embarrassing soaked backside. 

Lights - As the nights draw in and the days get shorter, having adequate lights on the road is a important element of cycling these days. Whilst we recommend lights all year round to highlight your road presence, we also advise taking some bright LED lights as spare extras with the UK having just under 12 hours of daylight from October - January. So make sure to light up like a Christmas tree - you wont regret it!

Tyres - Opting for tyres with a little extra grip, tubeless and traction power can be of great advantage when the roads get a little more slippy. Tyres that are a more harder wearing can also help to reduce the amount of punctures during tricker rides. 

Be Prepared

Clothing - Arguably the most obvious tip is of course clothing. Windproof, thermal and waterproof clothes can seem like a large expense at the time but you'll be thankful for them later!

Food & Drink - It may be difficult to notice yourself sweating under the brisk air and warm clothing as you cycle, but any type exercise can make you loose essential fluids and energy from your body, it's also a good excuse to stop off at a local cafe and grab yourself a large slice of cake and warm cuppa!

If you'd like to book your bicycle or e-bike in for a winter service, then fill out our handy form here.