Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Try adding power to your pedals this National Bike Week

National Bike Week this June (6-14 June) is encouraging everyone to get on their bikes and experience the fun, energy boost and feeling of freedom that travelling on two wheels can offer. The current pandemic has seen a significant rise in walking and cycling as ways for people to get around, plus keep body & mind healthy and the Bicycle Hub team would like to keep that going!  During the week, we will be offering the public the opportunity to have a ‘test spin’ on an electric bike, the 21st century version of the bicycle that is the fastest growing form of alternative transport in the UK.

Cycling is often viewed as hard work and a slow way of getting about to people more used to driving everywhere, or only something done by children and those wanting to get fit. However, the new electric bikes are a great half-way house between these viewpoints especially for people who don't find it easy to ride the conventional bike.  A small, compact electric motor powered by a battery is attached to the bike frame and provides extra assistance when pedalling. The cyclist chooses 1 out of 5 settings according to how much added power they want from the motor and can switch between these just like gears – ideal for getting up hills, when joint problems make starting off difficult or when tired legs just need a rest. One past customer bought an electric bike from the Bicycle Hub as they wanted some gentle exercise after a hip replacement!

The motor is small and lightweight and, because it’s sealed, requires no maintenance and is very reliable - ideal for anyone who isn’t mechanically-minded. The bikes available at the Bicycle Hub have a 10Ah or 16Ah 36 volt battery which allows 25 or 45 miles between charges respectively making them a great ‘travelling around town’ mode of transport. With the help of the motor, the bicycles can travel up to 15.5 miles per hour, and the battery is charged simply by plugging it into a normal household socket. These e-bikes (as they’re sometimes called) can cost as little at 0.4pence/mile to run compared to a medium-sized diesel car which can cost 34p/mile.

Anyone is welcome to drop-in to the Bicycle Hub and have a try of an electric bike for free. We are adhering to social distancing rules and extra cleaning protocols are in place as a result of the current restrictions.

The Bicycle Hub is located next to Cheltenham railway station (platform 2 side) on Gloucester Road, opposite Libertus Road, and is open 7 days per week, 9.30 – 5.30.