Thursday, 2 April 2020

Top Tip: Fixing a buckled bike wheel

Nobody wants to cycle with a buckled wheel, let's face it you probably won't get very far. Although the task can be daunting, fixing a warped bicycle wheel can be a simple thing to complete, especially with these steps:

1. Turn the bicycle over and rest it on the saddle and handlebars while upside down. Gently spin the damaged wheel to assess the area that needs attention. Top tip: Watch the brake blocks, the area of the wheel that is damaged with rub against them preventing the natural spin of the wheel.

2. Mark the damaged area with some chalk or pencil. You will also need to identify three spokes on either side which will be make up the area you'll be working on. You'll then need to work out which way the wheel is bent by focussing on which side of the block it rubs on.

3. Tighten the spoke on one side of the wheel and then loosen the on the other using a spoke wrench or pliers. For example, if you wheel is bent to the right, you will need to tighten the spokes on the left side of th wheel. Turn the spokes a quarter turn each, clockwise on the side that needs tightening and counterclockwise on the other side.

4. Spin the wheel to assess whether the adjustments have worked. If the wheel is still rubbing on the brake pad , all you have to do is continue with another series of quarter turns until the wheel maintains balance.

5. Take a test cycle to make sure that your wheel movement has improved and off you go!

Still feeling daunted by the task? Don't worry, call our Hub Team on 01242 231 690 and we'll be happy to help with your bicycle repairs.