Thursday, 21 February 2019

Top cycling tips for a smooth transition into Spring

The nights are getting lighter and we haven’t had to de-ice our car windscreens in a good week or two, so it can only mean one thing…Spring is on its way! Though our winter hasn’t been too grueling this year, we’re pedalling straight into Spring with open arms. Read on for some useful tips for cycling in the warmer months.

  • Start signing up to Summer events now

We might have only just got Winter out the way, but it’s never too soon to start registering for any Summer competitions, races or charity rides that you’re interested in. Your training might be on track, but forgetting to sign up early can mean you miss your spot, so be sure to be aware when sign-ups begin!

  • Don’t be caught out by sunshine

In classic Brit style, the first sign of sunshine has us flying out the door with no consideration for if the weather might change (and it probably will). No matter how bright the morning may seem, always be sure to pack a waterproof just in case.

  • Don’t panic!

Realising you definitely didn’t do enough cycling in the winter? Though you probably hate yourself now, the best thing to do is not rush into long distances again. Increasing your speed or distance too quickly can lead to injury, so be sure to ease yourself back into it gently.

  • Fit your bike with a decent mudguard

With Spring comes showers, so be sure to install a good mudguard onto your bike to avoid any unwanted splashing. It’ll make your commute a whole lot more pleasant.

  • Give your bike a Spring clean

Riding in the winter can be hard on your bike; snow, road grit and mud can all create a bit of ware and tear. Be sure to give your bike a little TLC heading into the warmer months and consider bringing it in for a service

  • Be aware of lighting

Though the dark nights are on their way out, it’s easy to forget how quickly the light can fade. Be sure not to be caught out by always having lights fitted to your bike and carrying some sort of reflective clothing just in case.

  • Pack some sunglasses

Early Spring mornings can often mean that the sun’s very low in the sky, potentially affecting visibility. Be sure to invest in a good pair of sunglasses to help protect your eyes and keep you on the right track.