Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Bicycle Hub Heat Wave Hacks

The Bicycle Hub feels every day is a good day for a ride, but due to the hot weather people sometimes pass on heading out for a cycle in the sun. We want you guys to make the most of the warmer weather so here are some heat wave hacks to ensure you have fun and stay safe in the sun when out on the trails:

  • Stay hydrated: Instead of drinking boring old water, try mixing water with Gatorade, this will not even improve flavour but it will replace salts and electrolytes that are lost through sweating. This will be very efficient in keeping you hydrated.
  • Travel Light: Try and avoid wearing a back pack. Yes they are great practice for storage, but they also reduce air flow to your back causing you to sweat more. Just use a bum bag to carry the essentials.
  • Power Snacks: Take some trail mix on your ride to re-energise you. You’re probably wondering why trail mix, well it’s just easy to snack on and is full of all the right stuff to keep you going on a hot summer’s day.
  • Say no to full-face helmets: Avoid wearing a full face helmet, yes they are safe but on a hot day you will not be picking the hardest bike routes. So a half shell helmet will be just fine in protecting your head and will have the benefit of providing air flow.
  • Hire a Bike: Save the stress and hire a bike with The Bicycle Hub instead of transporting your own.
  • Stay safe in the sun: Always apply sunscreen if you are going out on a long ride in the sun...but that’s a no brainer right?

After following all these steps you should be up for a great day of riding. If you do however start to become dizzy or light headed mid-ride put a damp cloth on the back of your neck to avoid sun stroke - You’ll thank us later...

Summer is the best time to ride, so follow these tips and get involved in the great deals at the Bicycle Hub.