Sunday, 21 June 2020

Saddle Up: A guide on how to position your saddle

Just like finding the right frame size of your bike, saddle height is also an important factor for comfortable cycling. Finding the sweet spot of your saddle can take some time but it’s essential to make sure you get it right to save any aching knees or general discomfort. Although it might take a few tries, you can easily get your saddle height sorted at home and in the long run it will improve your overall performance.

Signs that your saddle is at the wrong height:

If your saddle is at the wrong height for you, you will notice pain at the front or back of the knee and in some cases you might experience pain or aches in your hamstrings. If your saddle is much too high, you may start to notice pain in your hips as you rock when pedalling. These aches and pains can be long forgotten by simply ensuring your saddle is at the right height for you.

Saddle up correctly with these top tips:

-     Know the area you are measuring: Locating the prime saddle height is the foundation of a comfortable bike fit. The area that you need to measure is the distance between the bottom bracket and the top centre of your saddle.

-     Preparing to adjust: To set your saddle height, you will need to sit on the bike and unclip the saddle bar. Place your heel in the middle of the pedal axle making sure the crank is in line with the seat tube.

-     Perform adjustments: Make some movement and ensure that your hips do not have to rock to reach the pedal. The correct saddle height should make your leg completely straight.

-     Secure the saddle: Once you are happy with the adjustments lock them in securely.

-     Test it out: The most important step of positioning your saddle is to test ride; if it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t. Re-adjust as many times as necessary until you have the perfect height.

If you are still struggling to find the right saddle height for you, don’t stress. Our Hub team are experienced in helping cyclists with getting comfy in the saddle and can help make sure you are riding effectively. Call us on 01242 231690 or visit our unit at Cheltenham Spa Railway Station.