Sunday, 15 July 2018

Revitalising Cheltenham town centre – the benefits of cycling

Cheltenham Borough Council (CBC) has a vision for a better town centre in Cheltenham and will be working to improve the environment and traffic management, and boosting the local economy with the Cheltenham Transport Plan.

You may have already seen the trial scheme at Boots Corner is now in place under an experimental traffic regulation order. Buses, taxis and private hire vehicles, cyclists and vehicles with specific exemptions are still allowed access through this area. This is part of a series of improvements to meet the ambitions of Cheltenham and set the borough’s place as a destination.

The council also is keen to encourage residents and visitors to consider their journey and to help play a role in revitalising this key area by making use of sustainable travel where possible.

To help with this, additional cycle racks have been placed on the High Street by Coop Travel until new cycle racks can be installed around Boots Corner, and a map showing all the new cycle stations around the town is available on the council’s website.

We think that this is an excellent step forward for Cheltenham and as cycling enthusiasts we think that a few more cycle racks in the town centre will help to encourage people to get on their bikes when running errands or meeting friends.

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