Monday, 4 October 2021

Preparing for Winter

Nights are drawing in; it is getting darker and cooler by the day. Did you know that there is a lot of danger that winter can bring to cyclists? So, it is important we prepare sooner rather than later. Here are our must-have cycling essentials for the winter so make sure you carry on reading to know exactly what to get before you hop on the road:

Grip Gloves: With icy roads making riding slightly harder grip gloves are a must have. They firmly secure onto bicycle handles and keep your hands toasty warm, which is another great benefit. 

Warm Cycling Jacket: With cold winds and air against you it will get cold. A warm cycling jacket is an essential. Make sure to choose one with bright colours so cars and others can see you whilst you are cycling. You need to make sure you stand out to passing vehicles on the road so wrap up warm and ensure you shine bright before hitting the road! 

We stock a great range of clothing called ArmaUtro. The clothing range from ArmaUrto incorporates ARMA on high impact areas of the body, the shoulders, elbows, and hips. ARMA is a new innovative energy absorbing material designed for the rider in mind, using EN1621-1 impact protection, that is used in motorbike apparel. ARMA absorbs and dissipates energy upon impact; reducing 80% of the forces transmitted to the body. So, this clothing paired with a warm jacket you will be safe and warm ready for cycling

Lights and Reflectives: As it is gets darker quicker, bright lights that attach to your bike are essential, so passing vehicles know exactly where you are on the road and can overtake you safely. We stock a range of LED lights and reflectives if you need some ready for the winter 

Thick socks: Long thick socks or a few pairs on as your feet at the same time are perfect when cycling as it can easily get very cold, very quickly. If you can’t feel your feet, it means it will be harder to pedal and you may not even feel yourself pedalling!

Something to protect your face: The wind hits you hard in colder months, so to protect the face cyclists should wear a ski mask, hat, or anything to protect your face from the wind hitting your face. We recommend ski glasses or googles to cover your eyes for when the wind hits as this puts you at danger of watering eyes which makes it harder to see the road.