Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Introducing ArmaUrto Clothing

Do you ever think about how much protection you have on while riding your bike on tricky surfaces on just two thin tyres? There are different helmets to protect the head and bib shorts with chamois pads for additional comfort, other than that it’s just thin layers of lycra covering up unexposed skin and body. But now there is a new form of protection. Introducing ArmaUrto Clothing.

Whether you cycle to work or are more of a weekend thrill seeker, change the way you think about protecting your body while out on your bike.


The clothing range from ArmaUrto incorporates ARMA on high impact areas of the body; the shoulders, elbows, and hips. ARMA is a new innovative energy absorbing material designed for the rider in mind, using EN1621-1 impact protection, that is used in motorbike apparel. ARMA absorbs and dissipates energy upon impact; reducing 80% of the forces transmitted to the body. As a result, reduces the impact of injury in the unfortunate event that the worst was to happen. You would not be able to tell there is extra protection; it is built flawlessly into the clothing. The ultra-thin ARMA pads sits at just 4mm deep and can be cleaned repeatedly without degradation.


The ArmUrto Pro-Flect apparel range is designed to keep you safe at night by being seen, whilst incorporating ARMA padding on both the shoulders and elbows.


The VIPAR (Visibility, Impact Protection, Abrasion Reduction) apparel range combines impact protection of ARMA padding on key areas of the body with industry leading engineered hexagonal abrasion-reduction fabric. This reduces friction damage and increases durability in the main impact areas of the body. This is the ultimate protection for the body when cycling.

The clothing range is used by UCI Elite Pro Team Ribble Weldtite, the UK’s number one domestic cycling team, for training and early-stage racing.


The Bicycle Hub are honoured to be selling this amazing cycling apparel and are privileged to be selected to be the only ones to stock the clothing in Cheltenham. Come down to The Bicycle Hub and have a look for yourselves how stylish and protective ArmaUrto Clothing is or shop here.