Saturday, 21 August 2021

How Could You Help Your Local Bike Shop

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Supporting local businesses has never been more important. The rise of online retailers who are able to cut costs, means local high street shops are starting to struggle. Bicycle shops are the beating heart to the cycling community offering important services that you cannot get online, such as bike repairs.

We know money is tight at this current time, there are things you can still do to help your local bike shop.

Here is our small guide to how you could help your local bike shop:

  1. Share experiences online- Even just giving good feedback and spreading the word about a bike shop on social media will grab people’s attention. Give a shop a shout out. Doing this on social media increases shop exposes but it is also free.
  2. Shop less at big online retailers- Even though you can buy bike parts on Amazon for cheaper it is very likely that the product will of less quality. Whereas if you bought local, the bike shop will have hand selected their supplier and know exactly where the product is from.
  3. Recommend to family or friends- Finding new customers is a great way to help local businesses. So, if you know of any family or friends looking for a way to spend more time outdoors or want to try a new sport tell them your local favourite bike shop point them in the right direction. It is always good for them to get new business as well as keeping their loyal customers.
  4. Commute- If you commute to work regularly buying cycling gear might seem expensive, but it cuts costs with fuel and is better for the environment. Buying all the gear from a local bike shop is a great way to help them stay afloat.

Recommended commuting cycling gear includes:

  • Strong lights for dark mornings and nights
  • Rain protection clothing
  • Thermal clothing for winter cycling
  1. See what services are available- Bike shops offer a range of services, for example bike repairs and bike servicing. Explore options and get your bike repaired locally.
  2. Look at the used bike sections- Most local bike shops sell preloved and used bikes, so why not buy these bikes instead of more expensive bikes at bigger bike shops. They maybe called preloved and used but in actual fact they are only a few years old and have plenty of mileage left in them.

We cannot wait to see you all on the 28th August for Local Bike Shop Day! And don’t forget to bring your bike for its free bike check.

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