Friday, 20 November 2020

Fix My Bike Voucher Scheme: Frequently Asked Questions

The Government has recently released the next round of Fix My Bike vouchers, designed to encourage people to get their bikes fixed and back on the road.

We're regularly asked more about how the scheme works and what you need to do, so here's our summary of what you need to know.

How do I get a voucher?

The vouchers are currently being released in batches in order to help bike repair shops to manage the flow of customers.  The last two batches have been released and sold out in a matter of hours.  To get a voucher, you need to visit the Fix My Bike application portal and complete all of your details, including information on the bike you are claiming for.

What do I do once I have a voucher?

Use the portal to find your nearest bike repair shop who are accepting bikes.  For anyone in Cheltenham or surrounding area, The Bicycle Hub at Cheltenham Train Station is accepting Fix My Bike Vouchers.

Once you've found your supplier, book a servicing slot with them and drop the bike off to be repaired.

What does the voucher cover?

The voucher is worth £50 and can go towards the repairs of making a bike safe to be used on public roads.  The voucher can not be used to upgrade parts or on removable accessories such as lights, helmets and locks.

What will £50 get me?

The voucher will normally cover the cost of a standard service and replacement of a basic component such as an inner tube, chain or cable.

What happens if my bike needs more than £50 spent on it?

You will need to cover any additional cost in excess of £50. 

If my service only costs £35, will I get £15 back?

Sadly not, we can only claim the cost of the servicing and repairs back through the portal, so would recommend that you spend the £50 allocation, add an inner tube (or similar) to your bill for future use.

Is there a limit on how many vouchers I can get?

Yes, the portal allows you to have two vouchers per household for two different bikes.  Images of the bikes will be taken to redeem the voucher.

How many vouchers are there in total?

The Government has pledged to release 500,000 vouchers in total, and so far has released 100,000.

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