Monday, 29 November 2021

Electric Bikes in Winter

In winter electric bike batteries can become cold or wet, which means it’ll drain the battery and will stop working. Here are some of our top tips on how to prevent this from happening:

1.     Electric bike batteries work best in average temperatures- So, when it is cold you will notice that the bikes performance will suffer or stop altogether. A cold battery suffers a drop in capacity. This means that you will not be able to get the same assisted-pedaling range that you would normally. How much will it drop? This all depends on the temperature; the certain battery being used and how you are using it. The drop can range from 20%-30%. There will also be a drop in voltage, therefore your e-bike’s assisted top speed will fall.
2.    Storage- Store your electric bike indoors, this means that you can beat the cold. That’s ‘room temperature’ indoors, not a cold garage. Even if you do not have room for the whole bike, just store the battery indoors, most batteries are easily removable. This opportunity also means you could put it on charge at the same time. 
3.    Locks freezing- If the bike gets cold the locks can freeze solid, including the lock that secures your battery to the bike. If you regularly remove the battery and store it somewhere warmer this will stop this issue occurring and the lock will not freeze. A little lubrication (WD40, for example) will help keep it turning smoothly. While pouring hot water over a stuck lock can free it, this isn’t a great idea when the lock is adjacent to a battery.
4.    Cover it- Covering up your electric bike will help keep the bike and the battery dry. Moisture can cause a lot of damage to an e-bike battery and while most e-bike batteries are reasonably well protected against the elements, every little helps. Full length mudguards for winter are very useful, newer e-bikes are already fitted with them. These prevent water being sprayed at the battery by the bike’s wheels. You’ll keep cleaner and drier too!
5.    If you would like to get an electric bike, but are yet to buy one, buying one with a battery situated low down near the bottom bracket will be more stable than one with the battery high up under a pannier rack. This is because when conditions are icy and slippery you will be able to control the bike better if it starts to drift and wobble.