Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Cycling Tips for the Winter Months

We know many of you are probably just as eager to cycle in the cold winter weather as you are in the beautiful summer sunshine…ok not as much as we thought. However some of you will be wandering what on earth you need to do to make the most of the long nights and short days, whilst work is bothersome and getting in the way of your cycling. Below are some tips, hopefully useful ones, to help guide you in the winter weather without getting frustrated at the rain, snow, sleet or fog.

Stay warm this winter

This might not seem like the most obvious of points, however, keeping warm before you start riding is essential in winter weather. We know many people probably don’t want to be bundled up like a woolly mammoth during this period, so as a comfortable alternative, stay in a hot room with a warm drink just before you ride.

Staying warm will also include the clothing you wear - Waterproofs, windproof and thermals are desirable during the largely rainy and windy months.


For very obvious reasons during the winter months light is very limited. You therefore need to go and get high-viz jackets and other lighting equipment to mount on your bike. Road users need to see you just as much as you love looking fashionable in bright neon yellow clothing.

Wind direction

A good point to include when you plan your bike ride is to start your journey with the wind blowing in a headwind direction, good for when you’ve just started and you’re not as tired. The tailwind on the way back will help and aid you as you travel home. It will also prevent you from looking utterly beet red from exhaustion, so always a plus.


This might have already been said but keep up with the maintenance on your bike is a must. The cold weather, whilst it isn’t going to be -5 degrees (we hope), it will be cold enough on occasion to bring out small irregularities in the tarmac and allow small shards of glass and metal to protrude rudely from the ground and puncture tires. So keep a set of extra inner tube along for the ride too.

Winter Bike Substitute

Have an old bike? About to throw one away? Perhaps instead of chucking it in the bin or leaving it to rust you could in fact use this bike as a winter one. Winter bikes are generally built for harsher conditions, thus repairs are much cheaper, and many people find that having two bikes for the different weather is a good idea.


The easiest way to keep that mud, water and sludge from getting onto yourself and into your water bottle is by installing a mudguard. Also helps with not making your backside look exceptionally wet and will give you a pleasant ride.


The most important tip was left for last. All riding during the winter deserves cake. Enough said. Here’s to hoping you indulge yourself with a nice slice of Victoria Sponge or some equally dangerous Chocolate cake.

If you would like any extra information about what to do in the winter weather or you would like to book in a maintenance/repair, we would love you to call in to our Hub Team. Give them a call on 01242 231690.