Sunday, 13 May 2018

Cycling Tips for Beginners

Have you recently started cycling in and around the Cheltenham area? Here at the Bicycle Hub, we absolutely love cycling and love encouraging people to give it a whirl so if you are a beginner on two wheels we've got some useful tips to help keep you motivated:

  • Get kitted out: Even if you have only just started out in the saddle, having the correct gear can really help to get things off to a great start. Think about getting some reflective (and comfy) clothing and definitely a waterproof or two!
  • Learn the mechanics: It's important to keep your bicycle in tip top condition so learning the basics of bike maintenance is a good step (or wheel) in the right direction. You can always pop your bike into us for a quick run through of how to look after it and book for an annual service.
  • Discover your technique: To make your ride more comfortable ensure you find the right position for you - If you are comfortable you will ride more confidently. Ultimately if your bike is the right size, your saddle is at the right height and your handlebars are set up well you should be good to do. We can always help you if you need to have a fiddle...
  • Cycle Safety: The most important thing to crack when you start cycling is your safety. So always ensure that you wear a helmet, plan your journey ahead of time and make sure that you are seen; you'll start building experience up quicker than you can say bicycle!

If you have just started cycling and are still looking for a bit more advice, why not come in and chat to our Hub Team. They're super friendly and are really knowledgable about bicycles and how they work... they might even let you test ride one of our E-Bikes too if you fancy it?