Thursday, 14 June 2018

Cycling Myths: Debunked

Cyclists often hear lots of myths about cycling from people who don’t do it on a daily basis. So, if you’re thinking about taking up cycling to work but are worried about the cost or want to clear the air about some of the supposed rules, we’ve debunked a few myths that have really been getting on our back wheel:

  1. Bicycles can be expensive: Bikes have never actually been cheaper – back in the day they used to cost at least a whole months wages! Here at the Bicycle Hub, we can do you a deal on a pre-loved bicycle for a great price or you can take a look at getting a snazzy new one by using the CycleScheme.
  2. Cyclists must use cycle paths: Cyclists aren’t obliged to use them and the Highway Code says to only use them when they are actually practical. Most of the time they are and are much more convenient than using the pavement but give enough space from passing traffic. However some are pretty useless and often cyclists don’t have much choice but to cycle as safely as possible on the road.
  3. Cyclists ignore red lights: Well some of them do, and it’s certainly something we don’t agree on. Cyclists should stop at the traffic lights and according to the Department for Transport, disobeying traffic signals was a contributory factor in 1% of all cycle factors and 1% of car accidents in 2013. That’s approximately a whopping 1,664 car accidents and only 187 bicycle accidents, so while the proportions may be equal there are many more accidents caused by drivers than cyclists.
  4. You have to be fit to cycle: Cycling does make you fitter, but you don’t have to be to start it off. Cycling is the most efficient form of travel in the world and is a great way to get exercise into your daily routine. It can help keep you active and get you out and about in the fresh air too!
  5. Roads were only built for cars: Actually only motorways were built for cars. The vast majority of the UK’s roads are available for all roads including cyclists. Hey, now that doesn’t mean that we recommend you go and cycle down any dual-carriageways, but what we do recommend is that you use the roads safely and always look out for other road users.

So there you have it, five cycling debunked right there! Do you have any cycling myths that get on your nerves, share them with us on social media!