Sunday, 1 August 2021

#CycletoWorkDay- 5th August 2021

Cycle to Work Day is back! On the 5th August, people across the UK will be joining together to cycle to work. The aim of the day is to encourage different modes of transport that are more environmentally friendly.

This year’s day is inspired by the Netherlands, where the bike is their most used mode of transport to get to work. They have a very relaxed attitude towards cycling- wearing everyday clothing that they feel is appropriate, rather than using specialist gear and gadgets. Cycle to Work Day 2021 is designed for riders to feel relaxed and an easy ride to travel to and from work. Cycle in your work clothing, workout gear, everyday clothing, whatever feels comfortable for you. Cycling is not just a sport it can be made fun and used as a mode of transport. For more information about Cycle to Work Day and The Cycle Scheme:

Studies show that the average worker in the UK spends over half of their lives commuting to work. On average it takes 56 minutes a day travelling to a and from work by car and with busier roads this average is getting higher, yet still people choose to travel by car.

There are many benefits to cycling to work instead of driving:

  1. Decrease your stress levels- Cycling can directly help counteract the effects of stress by simply pedalling. When cycling, you pump more oxygen into your bloodstream and when it reaches your brain it encourages the release of the happiness hormone otherwise known as Endorphins - It also helps to suppress the stress hormone called Cortisol, who wouldn't want to benefit from that.
  2. Increase your physical activity- We all know that cycling is a great way to get active and adding a bike into your daily routine can help you burn up to 560 calories a day! But there are many more benefits than just losing a few pounds; cycling can help improve your lung capacity and banish aches and pains you get from sat in your car and office chair all day, so get moving!
  3. Save some money- The average commuter spends around £146 a month getting to and from work. With train prices and fuel prices always on the up, cycling can actually cut costs in the long run. Yes, you will obviously have to outlay for the bike itself but once that is paid for the maintenance costs are half of what it costs to keep a car on the road. If you choose to cycle to work for a year you could save yourself up to £3000!

Cycle to Work Day is a great initiative to get people cycling to work. It is for absolutely everyone, doesn’t matter if you have not cycled in years or never at all. It is all about giving it a go. Saving money and saving the environment a little bit at a time.