Sunday, 12 July 2020

#BikeisBest - The National Cycling Campaign

The recently launched national campaign, #BikeisBest, is aimed at getting as many people as possible out on their bikes.  During the national lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic the surge in cycling was phenomenal.  As a bicycle shop offering bike sales, bike hire and bike repair in Cheltenham, we were deemed an essential service and we have never been busier.  The fantastic news for us is that the momentum is still going strong and we are receiving more enquiries than ever for new bikes, plus servicing and repairs.

Research shows that two-thirds of all journeys we make are less than five miles.  The good news is that you don’t need to ride far or fast to make a difference. Half an hour of cycling is enough to improve your health, reduce your risk of illness, ease your stress levels and benefit your mental well-being.

How can you help?

Make a pledge to ride your bike, it is genuinely that simple!  Using your bike to get around while leaving the car at home is better for you and your environment.  The more people that come together and promote the benefit of cycling, the louder associations can lobby for changes to make cycling safer, easier and even more enjoyable!

Already have a bike?

We are available for service and repairs, if you’d like us to give your bike the once over before you hit the road, contact our team and we’ll book you in.

Looking for a bike?

We have various deliveries of new bikes scheduled over the next few weeks through until mid August.  If you have something in mind, talk to one of our team and we can advise you of what’s in stock or due to come in. 

We also have a selection of pre-loved bikes available in store or awaiting refurbishment.  If you talk to one of our team, they will happily guide you through the options and what we have available.

Most importantly, don’t forget to share your pledge and your cycling experience on social media. Help spread the word that #BikeisBest.