Tuesday, 18 May 2021

The Bicycle Hub delighted to be a sponsor of the Kingfisher Trail

The Kingfisher Trail runs in and around the magnificent Cotswolds National Landscape. This arts trail has 22 beautifully crafted kingfisher sculptures spread out along the route, the 21st kingfisher swoops into a new location each fortnight and the 22nd ‘The Golden Kingfisher’ can be found perching at Ilford Manor Gardens. One route running along the River Severn and the other along the River Thames. Once the trail is live, you’ll even be able to find all 22 Kingfisher sculptures on the kingfisher trail app.

The idea is that it brings businesses, arts, and local communities together and at the end of the project the Kingfishers will be auctioned off to raise money for vital conversation work in the Cotswolds National Landscape. They have been designed by four amazing artists (Imogen Harvey-Lewis, Andy ‘Dice’ Davies, Pj Crook and Ed Swarez) who each have their own style and this trail is an opportunity to see their great work.

(Imogen Harvey-Lewis working on one of her incredible kingfishers)


A huge mural in Benhall Park underpass has been painted too by Dice 97 and Curtis Hylton, to show how beautiful kingfishers can be and to advertise the trail, so that is worth a cycle to as well to support local artists.

The Bicycle Hub are a proud sponsor of this amazing local project and have even got a kingfisher sculpture coming to the Bicycle Hub. So why not hire a bike from us and explore this wonderful trail, see spectacular scenery while on the hunt for kingfisher sculptures and take a trip to Benhall Park to see the beautiful mural.

The trail will officially launch on 31st May and run throughout the summer months. So perfect for a summer’s day bike ride and to support your local arts and businesses. For more information about this exciting project visit https://www.kingfishertrail.org/.