Sunday, 18 July 2021

Beginners Guide to Women's Cycling

The Women's Festival of Cycling is an initiative run by Cycling UK in partnership with Raleigh UK with the aim of encouraging more women to cycle showing them to this incredible sport and activity. Some great advice and UK wide events virtually and face to face to get involved with: Women's Festival of Cycling | Cycling UK

To celebrate this wonderful festival here is our beginners guide to women’s cycling:

It's never too late to get back in the saddle or learn how to ride a bike. No need to worry, even Sky ambassador Davina McCall only took cycling up in her 40s and now loves it and is her favourite hobby.

Cycling is fun, adventurous, is good for commuting and is one of the best forms of cardio exercise. It has amazing health benefits because it involves complete body movements and muscle strength. Having a bike ride in fresh air rejuvenates your body and provided oxygen to all parts. It helps you get fit without having to do a massive work out or trying too hard for it.


Finding the right size bike is important. For women a lightweight bike is best. A bike that you can handle is important. A heavier bike can be harder to ride on uneven surfaces or in traffic. A bike that fits nicely will make the ride more enjoyable. A poorly fitted bike can harm posture and joints. The Bicycle Hub have women hybrid bikes that can be hired suitable for different heights and helmets that can be adjusted. Perfect for comfortable rides.

Cycling is for everyone but if a hybrid bike is too much, E-bikes are a great alternative. They are very popular these days, because of the efficiency they offer. These bikes have a battery-operated “assist” that gives you a boost as you ride the bike. With an e-bike, you can go farther and faster through any terrain without exhausting yourself so quickly. The Bicycle Hub also offer E-bike hire for all heights too, perfect for an easier ride to build up confidence, before moving up to a hybrid bike.


All you really need is a t-shirt, shorts, and trainers to get started. But specially designed cycling apparel is best to wear when cycling, because it is most comfortable and also provides you freedom to perform. The Bicycle Hub stock ArmaUrto Clothing, which incorporates ARMA on high impact areas of the body, the shoulders, elbows, and hips. ARMA is a new innovative energy absorbing material designed for the rider in mind, using EN1621-1 impact protection, that is used in motorbike apparel. This means you very protected if something did happen, keeps the mind at ease. They are also very stylish so don’t look out of place.

Cycling can be a daunting, but stay calm, build confidence, feel comfortable on the bike and in clothing and take one step at a time is the best advice not only for women cyclists but can be for men too. Cycling is fun everyone just needs to start somewhere. Do not be afraid of a bike if you feel too small to ride one or not comfortable in the clothing you have, The Bicycle Hub are here and can help.